24 Hr Creativi_tay Festival

I had the amazing opportunity of being part of something special!

Some of my friends back home in Dundee had the inspiring idea of hosting and online digital creative festival to raise money for NHS Tayside.

The festival was a 24hr Instagram Live stream where I and a bunch of other creatives talked about our chosen medium and shared some work.

I chose to talk about what I know the best: writing and publishing.

Additionally, I wrote a poem especially for it – check it out below!

During the festival we managed to raise over £1,000!

Well done to everyone involved.

How many poems are there about the Sun?

how many poems

are there about the sun?

odes to its rays, ballads of blessings about

rise, set, kissed and shine


too many to count i bet
if you could smell the sun
would it smell of disappointment,
like a hot tarmac and rubber
its taste;
a single lick of fireballs,
shooting snapping popping candy,
a mouthful of spiced fizz


if it could speak,
would it have the voice of a
twenty-packs-a-day-for-thirty-years man
sound like morgan freeman?
i like it best when it’s coming or going –
deciding not to stay
an old friend walking through the door with a gentle smile
then a goodbye hug, promising tomorrow’s


if you could chase the sun
on its illuminatory journey
when would you know
to stop?
when would you have had enough?
when you’d seen every rise and set,

taken in all the hues of pinks, reds and oranges,
committed them to memory

recited them verbatim

sunlight is that old photography
you find in back of an album
the one where you exaggerated your pose
showed your teeth a little too much
but looking at it now
it isn’t too bad
everything turned out okay

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