Vaulted Marvels


Things have been quiet for a while for a lot of reasons, but I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I thought one of the first things I should do is update you all on what’s been happening.

A New Publication!


During the MLitt Creative Writing course, we collaborated with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design’s Illustration students on  a word and image project called Vaulted Marvels.

My fellow MLitt students and I wrote small fragments inspired by the Brechin Collection of old books. Then the illustration students took our words and illustrated them beautifully!

My own piece, The Last Time We Drew Flowers, was inspired by a drawing of flowers in one of these old books. It took me back to being in art class in high school and how my art teacher would tell us to draw.





To mark the release of this wonderful collection, we held a launch at the Lamb Gallery in the Tower Building at Dundee University. It was great to meet the illustrators who had worked on our pieces and to hear some readings.

You can catch a snippet of me reading mine here:


Before signing off, I want to say a special thanks to Lauren Swan who did the lovely illustration for my piece. Follow her here.

Thank you also, to all the other writers and artists involved!


H.M. Hussain 

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