Racking up the XP points

This semester, on the Writing Practice and Study Program, is all about getting out there and building up experience relevant to the creative industries.


Over the last little while I have been working closely with Dundee Rep as a student ambassador and on a placement for their upcoming production A-Z of Dundee.

This project is all about how Dundee relates to the world and Dundee’s lesser known stories. So, less of the Jute, Jam and Journalism stuff.

Check out my other blog to find out more.

new haven logo

That’s not all! On top of the Rep placement, I am also learning the ropes of the publishing world by doing a virtual internship with New Haven Publishing Ltd. 

From editing to making Ebooks, I’m getting to do a whole range of different things. Again, you can read more about it on the Publishing Writing blog.

That’s all for now, keeping it short and sweet!

Feel free to get in touch or follow me on Twitter.


Best Wishes,

H.M. Hussain


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